“Lone is an excellent trainer, precise and consistent with the information given. The flow of it was just wonderful” – Emma Radcliffe, Director, Derby Consultores, Mexico

“Excellent course. The tutor was very interactive and able to respond to questions that were often beyond what the course would have been expected to cover… It was interesting to have a tutor who knew the software developers and gave us contact!…The training exceeded my expectations!” – Dr. Suzanne Kirkbright, Artes Translations, UK

“Excellent instructor. She knows the program inside out. She has a lovely teaching manner – answers questions directly – doesn’t waste time, just gets down to teaching you exactly what you want/need to know. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Sian Jones, UK

“Ms Beheshty was very professional and her explanations were very clear. I took the exam the same day and passed at my first try. Thank you very much!” – Deborah Olmi, Italy

“It is important to know what the needs are and adapt the course to these. This was the reason why this course succeeded successfully. Very motivating training perfectly adapted to our needs.” – Bibi Svendsen, IHI- Copenhagen

“Thank you ever so much for your session this morning, it was great! You are an excellent tutor, and I know what I am talking about, I used to be a French tutor for 10 years.” – Hyacinthe Kemp, France

“The MemoQ training was simply brilliant, I´d dare say, even captivating. This was one of those training courses where you loose track of time. Thank you Lone, you´re a fantastic trainer! And thank you ProZ.com for making it happen!” – Anonomous

“Lone is a very nice trainer. She presents new material at a very good speed, not too fast! We are planning more courses and are already looking forward to it”… “Highly professional trainer”… “I look forward to attending another course/advanced course. It was very inspiring.” – Anonomous

“Easy to follow, excellent value for money, great trainer.” – Caroline King, TW Languages, UK

“Ms. Beheshty went above and beyond to ensure that the participants’ questions were answered even though many of the issues brought up were not within the scope of the course objectives.” – Inge Meinzer, US

“The training exceeded my expectations. Difficult product – excellent teaching. Very supportive & encouraging.” – Anonomous

“The instructor is very knowledgeable and knows how to impart this knowledge”…. ” The trainer is excellent. Let’s bring her back!” – IAAFA (Inter-American Air Forces Academy)

“Just to say again thank you so much for all you have taught me/us today and in such a calm and friendly way – a great boost to our memoQ and translation proficiency and confidence.” – Jean Darvill, JDTranslations, UK

“Many thanks for an excellent and extremely well presented course.” Alan Douglas, France

“Even after working with Trados for five years I learned a lot! Lone is a very good instructor – Her experience with translation is very useful.” – Anonomous

“The course definitely met my expectations. I have a clearer idea as to how the programme works and how it can help me during my translation projects. I am sure that when I get back, work will become that much easier after this training session. Overall, a big well done to Lone!” – Anonymous

“It was excellent – helpful, instructive and accessible with a lot of solutions to individual queries and problems. Invaluable!” – Anonymous

“I feel confident enough to work with the software tomorrow.” – Anonymous

“Lone is an excellent trainer. Her training session was clearly structured and easy to follow. She was also very good at answering any questions participants had, particularly given the time constraints and limitations of online training, and overall had a very pleasant manner. I would definitely attend one of her training sessions again!” – Helen Brannen

“Thank you very much – this was very helpful, and you did a wonderful job orienting us to this complex (and powerful!) software.” – Mary Kenney

“I liked the hands-on approach and learning from participants’ questions. Thank you for an excellent training session! – Fabienne Cilla, UK

“Lone is very resourceful & knowledgeable on Trados – always ready to share her knowledge. She is patient & thorough. Thanks for such a great informative day!” – Frédérique Guéry, UK

“The course was well paced and the explanations were clear. I am pleased with the feedback I have received for my questions after the course.” – Celia Blahnik

“Just want to say : VERY GOOD, didactic and well presented. The voluntary mistakes and involuntary pbs were particularly helpful – that corresponds to the daily routine of a translator (a function somehow does not work, or we did sthg wrong, or, or, or…). In the manual, everything is perfect, in reality it’s good to get info on why sthg goes wrong and on how to get around it! Extending the session in order to answer all the questions was also extremely nice. Many thanks to Lone! Just one disappointment, the Intermediate course on Friday 11th is cancelled. What a pity! I hope another training will come up soon.” – Dr. C. Guerecheau